Rave & Wreck of the week – 1/20/10

The QU Chronicle

RAVE of the week: The Hangover wins Golden Globe

Last summer’s comedy blockbuster, “The Hangover” was victorious at the 67th Golden Globe Awards, winning Best Picture in a Comedy or Musical. With its one and only nod, “The Hangover” defeated the two Meryl Streep-fronted films “It’s Complicated” and “Julie & Julia” as well as “(500) Days of Summer” and “Nine.” “The Hangover” becomes only the second film in Golden Globes history to take the Best Picture prize as its sole nod (“Babe” was the first in 1996). While some may consider “The Hangover” sophomoric containing its share of “frat boy” humor, the film did not aspire to be anything more than a fun comedy, featuring actors that portray the aftermath of a drunken night quite well. Director Todd Phillips accepted the award alongside film stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha. There were a lot of actors and films that won at the Globes, but “The Hangover” was easily the most surprising and fun choice that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) chose.

WRECK of the week: Conveyor Belt of Love

ABC’s “Conveyor Belt of Love” aired only one time on Jan. 4 and with good reason. This new dating reality-game show hybrid gave five women the opportunity to choose between 30 men. Each of those men rolled out one at a time on a conveyor belt where the five women passed judgment. The women were given paddles with “Interested” and “Not Interested” to showcase their desire. This program painted the women and men as stereotypes to ultimately fill the quota of the predominantly female audience watching. One contestant, Angelique, chose a schlubby-looking guy. However that seemed like a page from the scripted-television book to make it seem like a poser would get chosen by the fake-tanned blonde with giant breasts. Following the belt of shame, each of the women went out on dates with the suitors of their choosing. The real problem with this show is that I was not notified of auditions. It has always been my dream to get treated like a piece of meat and be judged and ridiculed. This is worse than when FOX passed me over for “More to Love.”