What’s on your YouTube?: ‘Frozen Grand Central’

Alex Hoff

You walk into Grand Central station, one of New York City’s foremost hubs of all travel, transportation and movement to find 200 people, frozen solid where they stand. Sound like an experience? It was for those who saw it first hand. Weren’t there? Well, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the large scale prank, you can see it on YouTube.

Type into the search bar anything from the word “frozen”, “grand central”, or even just “prank,” and this popular video will show up as an option to view. If you click on it, you will have done what as many as almost 7 million fellow YouTubers have done before you. The entire video is only about two minutes long but documents the hilarious 5 minute saga conducted by the group known as ImprovEverywhere. The group was founded in 2001 by improvisational comic Charlie Todd, who deems the groups slogan to be “we cause scenes.”

In this video you will watch as people passing by on their daily commute fall into utter confusion as they see others frozen in place sporadically around the station. You will notice Grand Central workers radio their partners for assistance due to not being able to move their vehicles around the people who seem to be as statues. The team at ImprovEverywhere has led many other pranks such as the U2 rooftop prank and the no pants subway ride. Taking part in these purely for fun pranks is easy, as the groups membership is basically who ever shows up to the bulletins they post on their Web site. Enjoying their pranks is even easier, log on to YouTube today and simply type in ImprovEverywhere. It’s a good time and a great way to get off Facebook but still procrastinate.