Security mum on why T-Pain was asked to leave

Jason Braff

Chief of Security John Twining said he was “not at liberty to say” why rapper Faheem Najm, known by the stage name “T-Pain,” was originally asked to leave campus by Quinnipiac security on Feb. 23.

“We made some requests, they didn’t listen, and suffice it to say, he refused to comply,” Twining said.

Najm was escorted off campus by Hamden Police after his concert performance in Alumni Hall. According to Twining, Quinnipiac security personnel asked Najm and his entourage to leave, but after they did not comply security called the Hamden Police for assistance.

Although some students at the concert said Najm appeared to be intoxicated, Twining said he had not heard anything about that accusation.

University spokesman John Morgan said the incident is an example of how Quinnipiac and Hamden “collaborate to ensure that all campus events run as smoothly as possible.”

Phone calls and an e-mail were not immediately returned by Ticeman Merriweather, a spokesperson for Sony/BMG, parent company of Najm’s record label, Jive.