Study Hot Spots

The Chronicle

1. Arnold Bernhard Library: Whether you refer to it as Club Lib, Arnie, or just the library, make sure you have a date with Arnold Bernhard sometime before and during finals week. Equipped with group study rooms, individual study cubbies, printers and computers, the library is a prime spot to prepare for exams. Get there early so you can find a study area before they all fill up, you know it happens. You can stake it out for hours, and those comfy chairs in the back of the library are perfect for quick naps in between late night study sessions. It’s also only a short distance from the cafeteria so you can stock up on the best brain power foods: coffee and candy.

“I like studying in the library because it’s a;ways quiet and easy to focus there. I can come in between classes and meetings.”

Krista Balzofiore, junior


2. The Quad: Now that the weather is finally nice and the grass is finally green, the Quad is another great spot to mix academics and social time. With a combination of heat, sunshine and an abundance of shirtless guys running around, you may not have the most productive hours of your life. But that’s okay, even though it’s finals time, everyone needs a break now and then. Use the Quad as a place to casually review materials, make study guides, or take an afternoon nap. Save the hardcore study sessions for one of these other prime pre-finals spots.

“When I toured the school, I thought that I would be spending a lot of time studying outside because of the beautiful atmosphere. I wish I had taken advantage of the unique beauty of Quinnipiac and spent more time outside doing academic work.”

Mandi Repoli, senior


3. Law Library: You may feel out of place as an undergraduate, but you’ll feel even more studious amongst the law students casually sipping coffee (from the coffee machine, of course) and studying for their LSATs. It’s the most quiet place to study on campus, with plenty of cubbies tucked away in the stacks and rows of books throughout the library. Make sure you check out the mock courtroom when it’s not in use, as it provides plenty of space, chairs and outlets for group or individual study. It’s the perfect place to escape when Arnold Bernhard is overcrowded.

“It’s really quiet and everyone’s so focused there, it makes me want to get work done. Plus, if I’m going to walk all the way over there, it’s because I have a lot to get done.”

Casey Capuano, freshman


4. Learning Center: Sometimes you just need another student to help you with your studies because the professor doesn’t speak your language (sometimes, quite literally). Mosey on down to the Learning Center, schedule a time with a tutor of your choice, and get ready for the most productive half hour, or hour, of your life. Tutors are well-trained and are nice enough to volunteer their time this weekend during finals week.

“We go over material personally and hear it from a different perspective. It gives you an opportunity to ask questions and go over things not gone over in class.”

Lindsey Craig, freshman


5. Upper cafe: Mount Carmel’s recent cafeteria renovations have brought students more food choices, more seating and new places to study. The upstairs part of the cafeteria is another great place to prepare for finals in peace. If you want to switch up your usual pre-finals hideaway spot, give the upstairs cafeteria a try. Study-goers can choose between high and low tables, large tables for group study and comfy chairs for laid-back review sessions. Plus, a variety of study food options are just a staircase away.

“The upper cafe is great because the library is too quiet and my room is too distracting, especially at night.”

Natalie Karpinski, sophomore


6. Rocky Top study rooms: For those who haven’t already visited the brand new Rocky Top Student Center at the York Hill campus, there’s more to it than just a cafeteria and fitness center. Rocky Top is also a great place to hit the books either alone or with a study group, and it’s open 24/7 during finals week. The study rooms are always quiet, unpopulated, and if you have AT&T you most likely won’t have any service to be interrupted by calls or texts. During study breaks, be sure to visit the fitness center to relieve some of the stress that is sure to strike in the days leading up to finals week.

“Living at York Hill, instead of wasting time in transit studying I’d rather walk two minutes to the Rocky Top instead of Wasting 15 minutes driving down and spending money driving down.”

Andrew Barry, junior


7. North Haven: The North Haven campus is less than 15 minutes away and is literally a “haven” for students looking for some peace and quiet. Want some fresh air? Spread a blanket out on the lawn and enjoy a tranquil environment where one can study uninterrupted. Hungry? Grab a snack at the café. Need some more information? While it’s pint-size, the library offers some reference material for perusal. Wander through the maze that is the North Haven building and you’ll be able to find comfy chairs to lounge in or group study rooms to commandeer.

“It’s much quieter at the North Haven campus. Most people there are health science majors, so you usually can find somebody to help you or somebody in your class so you can work together.”

Brittany Lewis, junior