Album Review: Secondhand Serenade- “Twist in My Story”

Carole Ann Kinnaw

The Artist: Secondhand Serenade’s latest album presents an emotional compilation of songs embodied by innocent lyrics. As a follow up album to the band’s 2007 album, “Awake,” their new album “Twist in My Story” exemplifies the same soulful tunes and lyrics that make this band unique. Lead singer, John Vesley, brings something that is honest and pure to all of his songs and lyrics.

Why it rocks: It’s against the norm. Vesley captures in his lyrics an array of emotions; sadness, longing, lust and pain. It is relaxing and vulnerable; it quiets your mind. If you like Dashboard Confessional, you will love Secondhand Serenade and their naked emotion. But most of all this album rocks because it is an escape from the rap and hip hop that seems to be constantly streaming on MTV and the radio.

Song Worth Downloading: “Fall for You” because it is a desperate plea about loving and missing someone.

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