The Cab hope to gain fame with debut cd

Ryan Nicholsen

If you thought the transition from high school to college was tough, imagine the transition from high school to being signed to the record label Decaydance. That is exactly what Las Vegas’s The Cab has done.

Alex Deleon, guitarist and singer for The Cab, recalls giving Panic! at The Disco his demos at a show. “I never thought they would listen. But they did and they called me and sounded really excited about it which blew my mind. Panic! at The Disco was excited about my music.”

Decaydance is a label full of incredibly huge bands in this scene such as Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is, Paramore, Yellowcard and of course, Panic! at The Disco. Being signed to Decaydance provided The Cab with better opportunities than most up and coming bands, and they have taken full advantage of that. “We opened up for Fall Out Boy and it was really nerve racking cause everyone from the label was there seeing us for the first time.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Brendon Urie of P!ATD came to one of their local shows and sang an entire verse of The Cab’s song “I’ll Run.” “Til this day that was probably the greatest experience of my life,” Deleon said. “One of my idols was on stage with me singing my song.”

The band recently embarked on their first nationwide tour alongside Cobra Starship, and unfortunately were faced with some setbacks. The bands van flipped over while driving through Wisconsin and the entire band was rushed to the emergency room. The band was able to tough it out and only missed one show. DeLeon described how his tour buddies helped the band get back on the road, “Some of our equipment got damaged or broke, but the guys from We The Kings really helped us out by lending us their van and some equipment.”

The Cab’s debut release “Whisper War,” is set for an April 28 release. With a major label marketing push, they may be able to follow in the footsteps of their label mates and become the well known band that they aspire to be.