What not to wear to a sporting event

Sarah Rosenberg

If you’re at a football game, say, cheering for the Giants on a cold January evening, what would be the most practical thing to wear? Unless you’re the dude who is bearing it all wearing blue chest paint, you should probably be wearing some layers, a hat and maybe even a pair of gloves. The same goes for college sporting events in the winter and early spring—you should probably wear something that won’t land you at the CVS pharmacy the morning after.

With that said, I went to a Quinnipiac sports game the other weekend, and the weather wasn’t so kind. It was freezing, foggy and about to monsoon all over our pretty little campus. I was shivering in my rain jacket, so I can only imagine how the athletes were feeling.

Despite these harrowing weather conditions, three gems appeared out of the stands wearing fashionable, yet unpractical, game gear. Just picture these girls in little leather jackets, thin leggings, ballerina flats and blouses. Basically, if my mother had seen these girls, she would’ve thrown a hissy fit and thrown scarves at them.

Believe me when I say, I think it’s important to be fashionable whenever possible, and these girls had style. But they took it too far. Maybe I was just embarrassed by my grandma-style rain jacket and old denim jeans combination that wasn’t exactly flattering or fashion-forward. Maybe I wished I had the guts to brave the wind and actually look like a half-decent female. Mother Nature won that battle. Sometimes, I just have to sacrifice fashion for comfort.

Perhaps my other problem is this: not only were these girls extremely stylish, but they were completely done up. I’m talking hair, make-up, the whole enchilada (again, maybe I am just ashamed that I lost touch with my concealer that morning and neglected my hair). But, I had to wonder: Who are you trying to impress? If, in fact, you are trying to catch the eye of one of the athletes on the field, odds are they are more focused on the game than they are on you. These boys have a game to win, so you’re better off waiting to impress them with your trendy outfits when they actually have time to pay attention to you.

I would have rather seen these girls dressed in some attire that showed their school spirit! Obviously, I should probably take my own advice and hang up that rain jacket and take a stroll to the school’s bookstore. But, I think the sports moms rocking the windbreakers, the blue and yellow beanies, and the jerseys have set a pretty good example for us to follow. If we can walk into class on Friday mornings in baggy Quinnipiac sweatpants and Uggs, the least we can do is wear some school colors for the boys on the field.