What’s on your YouTube?: Conan vs Stewart and Colbert.

Kendra Butters

The battle of late night TV is on. When Stephen Colbert claimed that he gave popularity to Republican Presidential nominee Mike Huckabee, Conan O’Brien had heard enough and retaliated back. It then turned into a war of words, with Conan claiming “I made Huckabee.” After the fight between the Conan O’Brien show and the Colbert Report had gone back a forth, Jon Stewart got involved on the side of Comedy Central. After the loose-lipped Colbert claimed on the Daily Show he would fight Conan if he ever saw him, O’Brien showed up on set, ready to rumble. Hilarity ensues as one would assume with these three “bludgeoning” each other in a way that is as realistic as English dubbed over an old Japanese movie.

To check out the various parts that lead up to the fight, search for “Conan vs Stewart and Colbert.”