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    Day to night transformations

    The people waiting in the long lines at the cafeteria look completely different than the people waiting in the long lines to get on the shuttle. But the people in both are anxious and impatient. So what makes them so different? Their appearance.

    Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are big college nights to go out with friends. But no one wants to make sure their hair looks perfect or that their outfits are stylish when walking around campus in cold, windy weather. College students always seem to have so much to do but so little time. So what can you do to walk comfortably around campus and get ready to go out at night in a minimum amount of time? There are many tips to follow and consider.

    According to, an online fashion blog, there are many quick ways to fix your hair before going out. If there is no time to shower in between the day and going out at night, no need to worry about greasy hair. This website suggests taking a big make-up brush and dipping it in baby powder if you’re light-haired, or a matte bronzer if you’re dark-haired, and applying it to your roots. This absorbs excess oil so your hair won’t appear or feel greasy. Another trick from is to wear headbands. Choose one that coordinates with your outfit for a polished and quick stylish look.

    The worst thing to do if you’re trying to save time is to wait until last minute to choose an outfit. Try choosing an outfit the night before and lay it out so you know what you will be wearing.

    “I always plan my outfits out the night before. It saves so much time and that way I know what it will look like and I don’t have to scramble around trying on multiple outfits,” said Lindsey Richardson, a sophomore legal studies major.

    If you want to save even more time, try incorporating an article of clothing that you will be wearing at night with your day outfit. For example, wear the same top during the day as at night, but make it more casual during the day by adding a zip up or cardigan over it and wearing it with jeans or leggings. No one will know you’re wearing the same thing as before and it will save time when you go to get ready for night.

    When it comes to switching from day make-up to night make-up in a short amount of time, the key is not to wear too much of it. suggests applying a cream shadow base first, and then applying regular eye shadow. This will help your make-up last for hours, so when it comes time to going out you don’t need to spend too much time reapplying.

    After a long day of classes and school work, when it comes time to putting on make-up to go out, try using an oil absorber sheet instead of washing your face. For example, try Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets, which will remove excess dirt and oil from your face. Then add face powder and some blush for a fresh look, and a quick way to get ready.

    “During the day I put on light mascara and eyeliner, so at night it doesn’t take as long to get ready. When I get ready later I add a more lengthening and thickening mascara so my eyes pop more at night than during the day,” Richardson said.

    Consider placing night time essential make-up in a separate bag, and doing it on the run. If you do this, include a good mascara, eye liner, oil absorbing sheets and of course your favorite lip gloss.

    For men, the trick to getting ready faster is a little bit different. “I shower the night before so I don’t need to worry about it the next night. Before going out I just add some deodorant and cologne, and I’m on my way,” said Steve Black, a senior entrepreneurship major.

    Another way guys can get ready faster is to separate day shirts from night shirts in their closets. This way, when they change and get ready to go out it is easy to see which shirt is appropriate for the celebrated occasion.

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