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RAVE and WRECK of the week: April 1, 2011

RAVE of the week: Helen Mirren’s still got it

Sixty-five-year-old Helen Mirren might be the last person you would expect to nail the host job on Saturday Night Live, but like her most recent co-star Russell Brand, every one of her SNL characters was spot-on.

Her flawless but sadly fleeting impression of Helena Bonham Carter featured lines like, “We live in eternal night,” and “I watch my expenses carefully, that’s why I keep my eyes wide open all the time.” But reading them pales in comparison to hearing the original British delivery.

She gave a smooth performance as the author of Frankenstein, and put on an American accent and fatigues for an interview bit on a “Fox & Friends” parody.

She was willing to go far for comedy, which is what makes a great host. She calmly allowed Kristen Wiig to motorboat her in a digital short centered around the “Magical Land of Helen Mirren’s Bosom.” And as a lesbian Eleanor Roosevelt, she made out with Abby Elliot.

She shattered the expectations set for a 65-year-old dame of the British Empire, and perhaps garnered some new interest and ticket sales for her latest film “Arthur,” which is now playing in theaters.

WRECK of the week: The Donald for prez?

The White House may be in store for a new “Apprentice.”

With that horrid toupee, pouty smirk, and egotistical arrogance, many cringed when rumors surfaced that Donald Trump would try to run in the 2012 presidential election. According to polls, that seemingly hilarious publicity stunt is looking like a scary reality.

According to a Wall Street Journal and NBC News poll, Trump is tied at second place with Gov. Mike Huckabee among Republican presidential hopefuls. Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney is currently in the lead.

Apparently money can’t buy Trump some decent fake hair, but it can buy him political influence. In an interview with “Good Morning America” last month, Trump said he would be willing to spend nearly $600 million on a presidential bid.

The businessman and reality TV star may have been successful in his past endeavors, but in order to win the presidency, Trump will have to do some serious schmoozing to win over the haters.

His recent accusation that President Barack Obama wasn’t born in America isn’t helping his already sour reputation.

Let’s just hope that President Obama won’t be ending his term to those famous words, “You’re Fired!”


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