Defeat won’t stop New England

Redmond Zmudzien

Wait, what just happened? There is no way “the greatest team ever” just lost to Eli Manning.

I think the words shock and awe sufficiently describe how every Patriots fan felt after the Super Bowl. It’s not even the fact that they lost, just the way the team played; slow, tired, unenthusiastic. It seemed like they didn’t even want to be on the field. Tom Brady was not Tom Brady, Teddy Bruschi’s age caught up with him and Ellis Hobbs got burned badly.

More or less the Patriots got exposed. Any weaknesses they had were taken advantage of; they got beat fair and square.

Maybe the pressure of the run for 19-0 finally caught up with them or maybe it was the fact that an entire country was rooting for them to fall.

It’s not like they didn’t have their chances though. Eli tried to give the Patriots the title several times, but they politely refused. Take for example the dropped interception by Asante Samuel; Eli threw him the Superbowl XLII title on a platter.

What’s the perfect remedy for a heartbreaking football season?

Two words: spring training.

Lest we forget, Boston is still the world champions of baseball and will defend that title in the coming weeks. Opening day is around the corner and just mentioning the names of Josh Beckett or Dustin Pedroia will bring a smile to the face of even the most depressed Bostonian.