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    True Life: I’m addicted to TV

    With the wide array of TV shows available not only during their scheduled times, but also online and in DVD format, it is not surprising that students are becoming addicted. New technology allows these shows to fit into the hectic life of any college student because they can be watched between classes or over the weekend. However, there are those loyal fans that are not letting school or work get in the way of watching the shows, despite the mania that can often be presented in a dorm room.

    “I formed my class schedule around when ‘Scrubs’ is on TV,” freshman Kaity Anness said. She went on to say that re-runs of the show are on Comedy Central two times a day. This may seem a bit extreme, but it was not far off from the need of others to catch every minute of their favorite shows.

    These TV shows have changed from just a fixation on an individual basis to a common interest amongst roommates.

    “I watched ‘Lost’ and ’24’ every week,” freshman Justin Ciliento said. “I’m depressed that ’24’ isn’t on this year, but I never go out on Thursdays, because I stay in to watch ‘Lost’ with my roommates.”

    Freshman Nick Vass shares the same relationship with his roommates.

    “When I watch the TV, I sit with my legs Indian style and I make sure that no one talks when the show is on.” His roommate Chris Martin had no objections, seeing as he watches the same shows.

    “Before the writer’s strike [the girls on my floor] would all sit in a room and if any one made a sound or was talking when a commercial ended, we would all yell at them,” freshman Kim Ciorciari said.

    The writers’ strike, which just ended Tuesday Feb. 12, had left her in a dismal state, or in her words “manically depressed.” However, recent news of new shows being aired in April and May had lifted her spirits considerably.

    “The writers’ strike did not allow me to watch any of the shows that I would regularly watch on a daily basis,” freshman Jessica Russo said, “It prevented me from bonding with my roommates over the events that take place in the show.”

    Anness was outraged when she heard “Scrubs” was being canceled because of the strike, but just last week, NBC released a statement saying episodes will resume on April 10.

    Variety reports that most TV stations have made post-strike plans, some stations will be continuing the currents seasons as far as late June, in hopes to complete as much as they can of a 22-episode season. It is hoped that the current seasons will return with an average of four to six episodes in time for a season finale. For those readers who need more details on particular shows, the Ausiello Report on has a full chart of how many episodes are expected.

    In the meantime, the complete seasons of favorite shows on DVD have kept the avid fans satisfied for the time being.

    “I own every season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Bones’ and watch them quite frequently to the point that I can repeat lines before they come up,” Ciorciari said. “I feel like I go through withdrawals when I can’t watch them, and was depressed when it ended.”

    Most current TV shows have DVD seasons up to the season before the current one. Also, older shows like ‘Boy Meets World’ have begun producing DVDs as well. These are great ways to get into a new show or re-watch a show you already love.

    “I just got into ‘Bones’ after one of my hall mates brought back the Season 2 box set from home,” freshman Erin Reid said. “My obsession has reached a point where I have downloaded the theme song and made it my ringtone.”

    “I also love ‘One Tree Hill’ and I own every season on DVD. All of my friends know that from the hours of 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Tuesdays, I am not to be bothered or disturbed. Any and all catastrophes simply must wait,” she said.

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