Make every Senior Week event count

Chris Leary

I just locked up my ticket for Senior Week, and I am all sorts of fired up for it. There’s no doubt in my mind it will be epic. However, I have been looking at what other schools are offering, and I think we could have better events.

It’s an absolute win the first two days with a day-long barbecue, a club night that’s NOT at Toad’s, and a trip to the casino. Any senior should be able to make those days count, but spending the third day at Holiday Hill Resort? I mean, I went there for eighth grade graduation along with everyone else from Connecticut. I had a blast back then flipping canoes in the lake, cleaning up in Wiffle ball tournaments, and messing around with some water balloons, but is that really what students want to do at 22 years old?

I have a buddy over at Hamilton College who is dishing out a hundred bucks for a hoedown night out at the bar with a mechanical bull, mimosa and Bloody Mary mornings with massages, barbecues, and closing the week out by shooting off fireworks and drinking beer. I think I know which party Charlie Sheen would be at.

Senior Week should be about going out with your classmates and doing things that are over the top – that we aren’t doing on the reg. It could range from killing 20 mimosas by lunch, to a hoedown, to even a furry party. I really don’t care. Just get me out doing things that I’m not used to doing. The last thing I want is to wind up wandering around Holiday Hill clueless to what I want like I’m in Blockbuster.

Either way, it’s going to be a blast and I’m just praying I make it out alive … sorry for partying. In the future though, let’s get a little more creative with the events we put on for graduating college students. I don’t think we’ve all worked this hard to be rewarded with ice cream and capture the flag contests. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get ready to defend my 8-year-old Wiffle ball championship.