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    Book Review: “The Importance of Being Married” By Gemma Townley

    What would you do for money? A lot of money; 4 million pounds to be exact (which is about 7.8 million American dollars).

    This is Jessica Wild’s problem. A problem that includes a big lie, the possibility of becoming a millionaire, a complete makeover and most importantly, Project Marriage.

    Project Marriage is what the novel is all about. It is the proposed solution to Jessica’s problem.

    Jessica is single; she’s a workaholic. She doesn’t believe in relationships, or men. She doesn’t see marriage as a possibility and she is obsessed with her job. So when her dear friend Grace, an older lady living at her grandmother’s nursing home, began to pry into her love life, or lack thereof, Jessica made the choice of creating a fictional boyfriend-turned-fiancé-turned-husband. The fictional man just happened to be her gorgeous boss, Anthony Milton.

    When Grace passes away unexpectedly, she leaves Jessica the large inheritance. This is where the problem comes in. Grace left the money to Mrs. Jessica Milton, not Ms. Jessica Wild.

    In order to claim the money, she needs to get her boss to not only notice her existence, but also fall in love with her and marry her. Oh yeah, and this all has to happen within 50 days.

    With the help of her best friend and flat-mate Helen, as well as Ivana, a Russian escort wise in the ways of men, Anthony Milton discovers Jessica Wiiiiild, the new sexy, confident, woman who flirts with men and cares more about having fun than her job and previous values in life.

    The first _ of the book is really slow-paced. It involves all of the scheming, the transformation Jessica goes through and the development of her relationship with Anthony. It’s far too predictable. It is not until the last three chapters that the story begins to take on twists. With the rest of the book aside, the ending is pretty amazing. It catches you off-guard and presents an alternative happily-ever-after.

    If you have the time to waste reading the first 30 chapters, the ending is great. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is worth it.

    Our rating: C+

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