Movie Review: Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour

Alexandra Capotorto

Miley Cyrus stars as “Hannah Montana,” one of the Disney Channel’s highest rated shows, in the big screen version of the 15-year-old’s sold out American concert tour that also features heartthrobs The Jonas Brothers. The movie, which ran from Feb. 1 to Feb. 7, sold out theaters and topped the Box Office for the weekend of Feb. 1 making over $31 million.

But this isn’t your average movie. Tickets cost $15 each due to the 3D technology used in the film, but was still a bargain for those who couldn’t make it out to Cyrus’ tour (which had the most in-demand concert tickets of 2007), or refused to shell out a whopping $1500 a ticket to see the starlet in concert.

Granted, us viewers weren’t able to watch the concert in its entirety, but we got something that concertgoers didn’t.

In between performances of the actual concert, we witnessed a behind the scenes look as to how production began on the tour, including an amusing segment of watching 57-year-old choreographer Kenny Ortega (he choreographed both “High School Musical” movies, and the parade scene in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) prance around like a ballerina, the intricate steps as to how a set that large is put together and an impressive 37-second costume change with the help from her mother as well as two others.

As the oldest person in the theater who didn’t have a child attached to her hip, it was amazing to see how excited the children were to watch Miley (and Hannah) perform for them as if she were actually there.

Of course I couldn’t help singing along, but nothing beat the young boy in front of me, who couldn’t have been more than four, rocking out and singing along to the “Hannah Montana” theme song “Best of Both Worlds.”

Our rating: B+