Web sites offer help to apply for scholarships without proof of financial need or FAFSA

Unless you are eligible for financial aid or have filed the FAFSA form and can prove financial need, there are not many scholarships you can apply for at Quinnipiac. However, there are other places where you can look for scholarships. Several sites on the Internet offer information or special sites where you can register and enter your specific information, and then the site notifies you when a scholarship comes up that fits you specifically.
The most popular sites are probably www.FastWeb.com and www.Scholarship .com, both claiming to search among 600,000 available scholarships. On FastWeb you have to register, and a private account will be held with your information and the scholarships found for you. FastWeb also sends you an email if there are new scholarships on the site and you haven’t checked it for a while. On Scholarship.com you can do a scholarship search, read about scholarships and grants or read about different loans offered.