Britney revives pop roots in ‘Femme Fatale’

Erica Siciliano

Dropping her seventh album, “Femme Fatale,” Britney Spears proves that she’s back and ready for action. The “princess of pop” brings a new sound to her latest album with a mixture of techno and pop music.

With pre-album release hits such as “Hold it Against Me” and “Till The World Ends,” “Femme Fatale” is jam-packed with songs that fit Spears’ usual sound. Although she mixes it up with songs like “Big Fat Bass” featuring, Britney delivers a pop CD filled with appealing dance songs for all ages.

Aside from “Hold It Against Me” and “Till The World Ends,” Spears brings a majority of upbeat club songs on the album where most songs contain a dance break in the middle. Releasing both a regular album along with a deluxe edition, the deluxe edition features a much more raw sound for Spears with “He About To Lose Me.” The song features catchy background beats, but shows off her voice with her lower register and an unusually slower pace.

Spears also delivers with tracks like “Inside Out” and “Criminal,” and reminds everyone of her traditional pop sound with “How I Roll,” which brings out the uptempo club sound most would expect.

All the tracks contain the techno/dance beats that line the album up with a fun-paced feel similar to her album “In the Zone,” which featured uptempo songs mixed with slow songs that focused on her voice.

“Femme Fatale” continues Spears’ artistic progression from 2007’s hypnotic dance record “Blackout.” With assistance from hit-making producer Lukasz Gottwald, whom Spears has collaborated with since her first album, and Swedish production and songwriting team, Bloodshy & Avant, Spears leads the charge in developing fun pop music into the next decade of her career.

video credit: Youtube