‘The Mummy Returns’ a must-see on video and DVD this Fall

The O’Connell’s are back again as Rick (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) continue their adventure against the dark Egyptian terror that again stalks the earth Rick O’ Connell returns after nine years with Egyptologist wife Evelyn and their latest addition, eight-year-old son Alex (Freddie Boath). Pesky brother Jonathan (John Hannah) and gutsy Madji chieftain Ardeth Bay (Oded Fehr) reprise their former roles and hook up with the O’Connell crew to fight the recently resurrected High Priest Imhotep, (Arnold Vosloo).
The fight has several wild cards hidden from the gang. Ihmotep’s lost love Anck-Su-Namun returns in the form of snake-handling temptress Meela (Patricia Vasquez) and the powerful condemned conqueror, The Scorpion King, played by WWF wrestling icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
The beginning is the same as the “The Mummy” with Ardeth Bay narrating another ancient tale that lays the framework for the action-filled journey. Rick and Evelyn begin by exploring another dark, undoubtedly cursed ancient tomb.
When they discover the lost bracelet of Annubis, the pair literally struggle for survival, especially for the kidnapped Alex, that the bracelet attaches itself to. Now there are only seven days left before the Scorpion King rises along with the army of Annubis to destroy mankind.
Imhotep races to kill the Scorpion King and take control of the dark army for himself. The O’Connell’s track the mummy and his minions across the endless deserts and pygmy-filled jungle to the diamond-capped golden pyramid of the Scorpion King where the final showdown erupts.
This is definitely one of the better sequels and writer/director Stephen Sommers doesn’t disappoint. There is a different story twist as reincarnation plays a substantial portion in the plotline. Both Weisz and Vasquez play dual roles by portraying reincarnated characters that were adversaries in ancient Egypt. Weisz is Nefertiti while Vasquez handles the part of Anck-Su-Namun.
The story blends into this film rather well including a few brief excerpts from the original film. Sommers retains the mood but it seems like it was a bit too easy. The special effects are just as good as the first if not better.
The music fits into the story and sets the pace, but it’s a little overdone in a swashbuckler style. The rest of the soundtrack flows along nicely.
This movie is a definite to not miss on the home video list this Fall. If a purchase is in your plans, make it the DVD edition. The DVD is definitely worth a few extra bucks for the film alone. It comes with loads of bonus materials, including, outtakes and plenty of extra behind-the-scenes peeks. Detailed 3-D menus are generously thrown in for navigation. Put these together and the movie is more than worth the money.

Grade: A-