Kroll runs for district seat in Town Council

Jonathan Carlson

It is down to the wire for Quinnipiac junior Jon Kroll, in his grassroots quest to win the 9th legislative district seat on Hamden’s town council.
Last spring, Kroll declared himself an unaffiliated candidate in this year’s 2001 municipal election, calling himself the “Voice of Quinnipiac.” The political science major is running against an incumbent Republican, but is hoping on a large student turnout, to overcome his opponent.
“Vote on Tuesday November 6!” said Kroll, in a last ditch effort to get out the vote. “When you turn eighteen, it is your right to go and vote,” he said in an interview. “You have the right to express your opinion, and let the Town of Hamden realize that Quinnipiac is a real force,” he said of the reasons students should show up on Election Day.
What are his chances? “Students seem very excited and anxious to participate,” said Kroll, although he is cautious, saying, “Students have a history of being apathetic.” Kroll wants students to know there will be a shuttle bus to take voters to the Westwoods Elementary School in Hamden on Election Day.
“This is another good example of student involvement in the community,” said John Morgan, Director of Public Relations at the school. “It’s great for democracy.”
Scott McLean, an Associate Professor of Political Science at Quinnipiac added, “In a society where the young feel ever more alienated from the government, it is important that they see their voices count on issues that touch them most directly.”
No matter what the outcome next week, Kroll has enjoyed the campaign process. “I loved going around, meeting people, and seeing the excitement students had [about a student campaign].” Should he not win the seat? “It will be ok,” he said. “I want to win real bad, but that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to make sure the Town realized we [students] want out voices heard.”