Bursar and federal program supervisor retires after 46 years

After working with Quinnipiac University for 46 years, Marilyn Lyons retired from her position in the Bursar’s Office on Oct. 31.
Working with graduate and undergrad students, Lyons has been the Bursar and Federal Program supervisor at Quinnipiac for the majority of her adult life. Lyon’s position required her to federally audit all programs that are awarded by financial aid. She was also responsible for ending reports and supervising the Federal Perkin Loan and the Nursing Program Loan.
Lyons, who graduated from Quinnipiac in 1955 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Accounting, says that the most enjoyable and rewarding part of her job was interacting with the students.
“That has always been the best part of my job. I particularly enjoy undergraduate part time and graduate students because they come to school with a desire for education. They seem to be more in tune with their own lives,” said Lyons.
Although Lyons loved her job and every challenge it entailed, she felt that it was time to leave. Lyons says, “I love my work! I could do it forever. But sometimes, you just have to say ‘this is it.'”
Lyons is now preparing for her cross-country tour with her son in Nevada. When she arrives home from her much anticipated three week long trip, she hopes to spend more time with her family, her garden, on her volunteer work, and on reading.
Although she will no longer be working for the Quinnipiac community, she will be making frequent appearances to the hockey, baseball, basketball, and soccer games. She feels that the Quinnipiac community has been an excellent one to work with.
Lyons wants the entire school to know that she has enjoyed her association with Quinnipiac University. She enthusiastically said, “It has not just been a job!”