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Seniors are getting shafted

I remember when I was a high school freshman anxiously awaiting my turn to be a senior. I heard about all of the great responsibilities and challenges that would come along with senior year, but none of them compared to the privileges I saw my upperclassman friends receive.

When I entered Quinnipiac University, I could only imagine all the privileges I would acquire in my senior year. With graduation a mere 88 days away (yikes!), I’m still imagining.

I tried to brainstorm any special opportunities given to seniors. The only consistent advantages I could think of were earlier class registration times and an opportunity to participate in Senior Week at the end of the year, right before graduation (though participation still requires a fee).

The mad rush to purchase Ke$ha tickets for the upcoming “Wake the Giant” concert recently sparked my thoughts on seniority. (Aside: Kudos to the Student Programming Board for finally getting a performer that a large majority of students are excited to see.) But I would like to speak on behalf of many of my senior friends who were unable to get tickets to the concert for a variety of reasons.

1. Most live off campus. 2. Many of us have jobs or internships and don’t have time to come wait in line for hours during the middle of the day. 3. All of my health science friends go to North Haven for their classes, not Mount Carmel. So, seeing as this is the last SPB concert that seniors will be able to attend, shouldn’t there be some tickets set aside or some sort of system to guarantee seniors a first chance at tickets before underclassmen buy them up?

Student Government Association President Louis Venturelli said “there is a system set up so all students have an equal opportunity to see the show,” which I can respect and understand. But I’m also a realist and believe that in all stages of life there is a hierarchy–a ladder that needs to be climbed. Once you make it to the top, you deserve some special treatment for making it there.

The Quinnipiac-Yale men’s hockey game is another example – here is the last chance for seniors to attend the most spirited sporting event of the year, but the system didn’t offer a senior special. The playing field was leveled so that all undergraduates had the same chance.

But four years at Quinnipiac warrants some privilege. Seniors should praised and rewarded for making it to the last few months of college–not turned into a faceless student.

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  • M

    Marcin MazurekFeb 23, 2011 at 10:51 am

    High School is not University.
    Everybody got shafted on the Ke$ha tickets, that is, anyone who actually had a class during the length of the day, or didn’t want to sit for several hours to get a ticket.

    Anyone who’s browser froze, internet slowed down, or, as mentioned in the Yale Ticket article, anyone who literally BLINKED. got screwed out of a ticket, there were 1000, 1500 people applied for one, therefore at least 500 people who WERE prepared got the shaft.

    Not to mention, if Seniors get “privileged” for “four years at Quinnipiac”, as if it were a long unreasonable punishment instead of education, what do Graduate Students get?