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    Seven ways to beat the winter blues

    Winter and all that comes along with it, including the seemingly constant darknessand bone-chilling cold, can put a damper on our attitudes and inevitably lead to sickness and those unwanted “winter blues.” The cold makes exercise seem likea chore and it’s easy for fitness and exercise take a back seat in our daily routine, easily replaced by sweatpants and a good movie. No need to fear, here are some simple ways to stay warm and fit throughout the tough winter months.

    1. Wii: The ever popular gaming system proves to be a good workout in itself. Whether you invest in the Wii Fit or simply play sports games, this system keeps you moving for as long as you decide to play. Get some friends together and the friendly rivalry that almost always occurs during games will make you forget that by trying to beat out the others in the boxing match you are actually getting in some exercise for the day.

    2. Gym classes: Taking advantage of all that the gym has to offer, like taking the free exercise classes offered in the fitness center, will keep you healthy and stretch your tuition dollar at QU. Taking up a pilates or yoga class not only gets you up and out of your dorm room, but it can put some variety into your workout routine.

    3. Book and blanket: Nothing can beat a classic comfy day in sweats, curled up on the couch with a good book and your favorite blanket. Not only are you going to stay warm, but it proves to be a good stress reliever.

    4. Movie nights: Get the crew together and take turns picking movies – that way everyone gets to watch their favorite. Being with other people will brighten the mood while still being in a comfortable setting.

    5. Bundle up and go for a winter adventure: Just because it’s cold out and there may be snow on the ground doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside. Wait for a sunny day, dig out your winter boots and find as many layers as possible. Round up anyone and everyone who is willing to go on an adventure and go outside and roam. You don’t need a destination or even know what you want to do, simply get out there and get some fresh air in your system.

    6. Look at old pictures and reminisce: Looking at trips from years past, family members and friends that you may not have seen in a while will remind you of fond memories and snap you out of that winter funk.

    7. Eat healthy: It may be easy to resort to warm, calorie-laden comfort foods in winter, but be conscious of your daily food intake. Making healthy choices like eating fruits, steamed vegetables and hearty soups will not only manage your weight but will keep your immune system healthy and in check and you will be able to better stave off illness.

    Before you know it, we will come out of these short, cold winter days. Until then, make the best of it and don’t let the winter blues bring you down.

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