It’s not cheating, per se

Chris Leary

My guess is that I’m not the only student at Quinnipiac who faces annoying problems on a daily basis – things like remembering what day is trash day, parking, running out of household items, and of course the worst one…homework.

But the way that I approach these problems may separate me from the rest of the pack. My time at Quinnipiac is coming to an end, so I figured I would take a few minutes to enlighten everyone on how exactly I managed to get through the little problems that college presented me.

Don’t buy books unless it’s completely necessary:

Buying textbooks at school is the biggest scam in the world. You spend hundreds of dollars on books and then sell them back for about a quarter of the original price. A lot of times I wouldn’t even need to use the book to get a good grade. As a result, I stopped buying textbooks unless it was absolutely necessary. It’s far easier to try and find a book for QU201 at the public library, and check it out for free. It’s even easier to just be nice to the bookstore employees so when you’re standing in the aisle taking notes from a book that you have no intention on buying, you won’t be bothered.

Parking situation:

I’m not sure if I would rather try and find a parking spot in North Lot or wait in the student center post office line. There’s a few ways to beat the parking problem. Wait and offer a ride to someone in exchange for their spot. It’s creepy, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The best idea though stems from the people who cheat the car pool lanes. Yes, I’m talking about putting inflatable, fake people in your car in order to park in the car pool lot. It would pass the security check a thousand out of a thousand times.

Use your…resources at the library:

Some people may look down on this one, but again, desperate measures. You know when it’s finals week and you have legitimately no time to go shopping, and you run out of things like toilet paper at your house? Well, the answer is right in front of you. Either go to the office at Residential Life and pretend you live on campus for free toilet paper, or put away your pride and take a roll from the library. For all the hours I spend there I figure Arnold Bernhard owes me a roll or two of TP.


Homework isn’t fun, so why do it when you can have other people do it for you, and then just learn everything at the last minute before the exam? With most types of homework you can find a buddy in class, and explain to them that it would be faster if they did the first half of the assignment, you did the second half, and then exchanged halves. At the same time, you find another friend, convince him that you’ll do the first half, and have him do the second half. Then you just simply give your two friends each others answers, and your assignment is taken care of. It may sound bad, but it’s not like you are screwing them over. Besides, I’ve always been more of a big picture guy.

Saving cab money:

This is more for those who live off campus, or are just trying to get to your late night booty call. Getting a cab home from campus isn’t fun, and half the time you spend all your cash in New Haven so it’s just a hassle. Aside from finding a person to stay with, the best thing to do is just sleep on the couches in the library. Yes, you may look like a fool when you wake up to kids drawing on you, but it’s a warm, and more importantly, safe place to sleep.