Intramural Football week two: The quest continues

Sean Flaherty

Week two of the intramural football season saw some great early season match-ups. As always, Quinnipiac’s finest arose from their slumber, splashed some water on their extremely groggy and hung-over heads and headed to the battlefield to begin war.
Blood was shed, bones were broken, stitches were given, hell in some instances hives appeared. When all was said and done on this brisk Autumn day there were nine teams that walked away losers while there opponents were able to claim victory.
Here is the breakdown of the games and some of the key components.

Tavern 34 over Extreme Law 0
Tavern put up some points with the help of Nick Wormley and James Kennedy. The Tavern is one of the older, more experienced teams in the league. The experience paid off this week, but the skeptics around the league wonder if their old bones might be too brittle for the long haul.
Ruff Riders 20 over Team Awful 0
Ruff Riders quarterback Matt Leblanc looked near perfect in making Team Awful look exactly that in the 20 to 0 route.
Uncommon 8 over Hurricanes 2
In this defensive battle the Uncommon had the upper hand by scoring the only touchdown of the game in the first half.
Road Dogs 28 over TKE
TKE just could not compete with the Salvatore Morello’s Dogs, led by John Vandish who had 2 touchdowns. The Road Dogs had TKE looking like “road kill” by the end of this game.
WamKats 46 over Black Attack 6
The WamKats continue to rip up the league, putting up points with ease. The 2-0 WamKats ran up the score by flashing their West Coast offense all over the base of the Sleeping Giant.
OH Boy 28 over Bang Cock Bullies 22 (OT)
This was a nail biter but when it came down to it, the Bang Cock Bullies just didn’t have the girth.
Green Beavers 25 over Blazers 14
God must love the Beavers because all balls bounced their way in this 11-point victory.
Mob Related 26 over Beer Bellies 0
The Mob related pulled all strings necessary in the big win. During the handshakes one spectator said he witnessed the exchange of money and heard someone say “forget about it.”
GoodFellas 8 over Militia 2
The most highly anticipated game of the season, maybe the century, lived up to it’s billing. The speed demon, Chris Azoff, scored the deciding touchdown for the undermanned Goodfellas and the rest is history. Let there be no doubt about it, this game will be in the memories of many for a while.