Ke$ha: Love her or hate her, she’s coming to QU

PRO: Ke$ha may be one of the most controversial performers of the year, but you cannot deny that she has been one of the most entertaining. The effort she puts into her level of crazy has to be admired. The hair, the feathers, the glitter, the leather, the sneakers, the metallics, the garbage bag. The girl’s a regular freak show.

But she’s turning heads. According to Billboard, her single “Tik Tok” was the No. 1 digital single in the world in 2010, selling 12.8 million copies, and the magazine named her top new artist as well as Hot 100 artist of the year. Plus, JustJared reported that her very first headlining tour this spring is completely sold out. We should consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to host her.

College spring concerts are meant to be a party. Last year, hosting The Fray was impressive, but the attendance rate was pitiful and the energy in TD Bank Sports Center was even worse. I originally bought a ticket, but ended up selling it to a friend in favor of the Sam Adams show in New Haven that same night, and I was not the only one on this campus that opted out of our own concert. Sammy put on one of the most energetic concerts I have ever been to, and I never regretted my decision, especially towards the end of the concert, as he shouted, “WHO THE FRAY?” and proceeded to stage-dive.

The point is that college kids are looking for a party atmosphere for their spring concerts, and Ke$ha is going to deliver. Regardless of her level of talent, regardless of what you have heard about how good or bad she is live, you know she will blow the roof off the Bank. I encourage those of you who claim to hate Ke$ha and everything she stands for to keep an open mind. You may not like her music or her sloppiness, but you will be hard-pressed to not have a great time at her concert. Her lights, dancers, outfits, and volume might be more than we can handle, but for a spring concert, it’s just what we need. Ladies, start planning your outfits. And guys, I’ve seen the Ke$ha posters on your walls. You know you’re excited too.

CON: Look up Ke$ha on a Google image search and try to find one where she doesn’t look either high or drunk, or both. Try, really hard. You can’t do it. That’s probably because it seems like she’s on drugs or wasted all the time, which is her own business. But it becomes our business when she is queued up to be the choice for SPB’s spring concert (I guess she’s taking a break from her upcoming Get Sleazy spring tour). No offense, but this flash in the pan belongs in a rehab clinic, not in our sports arena. Her songs have a fun dance beat, yes, but just because she can whip her hair back and forth on stage doesn’t mean her songs have any intelligence whatsoever.

Let’s take a look at some of her lyrics. “I threw up in the closet and I don’t care.” Let’s try another. “Don’t be a little bitch with your chit chat, just show me where your dick’s at.” Or how about “Oh my God, I think I’m still drunk, where’s my coat?” Does anyone else sense a theme here? Instead of emotional, powerful lyrics, Ke$ha’s songwriters pour out mind-numbing drivel and stick a dance beat behind it.

So ignore her unoriginal, trashy words for a moment. Plug your ears and just watch her dance … oh wait, she can’t dance either, unless you count molesting yourself on stage “dancing.” Besides, her live performances are nothing short of genuinely awful. Her performance on Saturday Night Live last April landed her on “Worst SNL Performance” lists everywhere, and YouTube videos show the performer leaping across the concert stage while she lets pre-recorded vocals do the work for her. Her live concerts have been labeled by attendees as a waste of time, too short, and painful on the ears.

Think Fergie was bad during this Sunday’s Superbowl halftime show? Just imagine how Ke$ha’s non-autotuned voice will fall on your ear drums at the spring concert. And hopefully this time she won’t be wearing a trash bag onstage.

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