Fashion Corner: Break into winter

The QU Chronicle

Now that winter break is pretty much over, you’re probably cringing with disgust as you look at your new textbooks. Standing in front of the library is most likely taunting. Admit it, you’re definitely not ready to confront the Café food that will never be able to compare to whatever is in your refrigerator at home. Kiss that homemade perfection goodbye — we’re all back to square one with the trusty salad bar and Java John’s abnormal enthusiasm at 7 a.m. You know you missed it. You’re happy to be back. You’re ready to make the fall semester seem like a distant memory and you are not alone.

Although being home is necessary for much needed rest and relaxation, you have to ask yourself: How much recorded television and “Jersey Shore” reruns can one watch over a span of a few weeks? I think the answer to that question is obvious. But, it gets old. I know I am personally excited to be back at school for the sole reason of getting away from my couch at home and a schedule that allowed me to sleep into the afternoon. It’s like I was a vampire being burned by the afternoon sun, useless now that the day is half over.

Despite all of this, there were a few things I learned over this long holiday that I will take with me for the rest of my years at Quinnipiac. For one, watching all of those “Jersey Shore” episodes taught me that wearing a pink corset that inhibits breathing to a club can not only make you look like a birthday cake, but can also cause other partygoers to resent such a corset. I’ve learned that pink eye can be obtained from some interesting moves on the dance floor. Most importantly, I now know that the gym, tanning salon, and the laundry room are not places to be taken for granted.

“Jersey Shore” also provided a little bit of fashion insight for anyone who paid attention. I applaud Jwoww for wearing fishnet tights with black spandex shorts. I saw it as a modern day twist on Moulin Rouge—well-equipped with studs and rhinestones of course. Snooki seemed to bring back the electric pink nail polish the ‘80s conceived and for all you gentlemen, I hope you appreciated the fedora Vinny rocked at Karma a few nights a week. These self-proclaimed “guidos” and “guidettes” were the flashy models of Seaside’s boardwalk runway, showing too much muscle, a lot of leg, and not enough modesty.

While not watching television, I also learned that being home for winter break did not help me save money or limit spending. Despite the absence of club fees, books, takeout orders and cab fares, I still dished out the cash. A trip to the mall on an uneventful day always constituted my habits of buying a blouse or two, new earrings, and jeans that I convinced myself were very, very necessary. There were always a surprising number of days like these, where it was just too easy to take the drive and sift through shops all day long. I also found that fast food became much more apparent in my daily life than it should have. Driving around late at night with friends often produced boredom and hunger. A trip to Wendy’s or Taco Bell was not out of the ordinary during the week, munching on cheap burgers and burritos to pass the time while waiting for something a little more exciting to pop up.

Lastly, I have also learned that if college doesn’t work out I could always resort to writing a small song and performing it on national television. That’s right— penning a song as good as “Pants on the Ground” may be difficult, but American Idol could be the new ticket for fame and success, even if singing and songwriting isn’t exactly my natural born talent.

Much can be learned without sitting in a classroom for hours on end. Even though now’s the time to start preparing for the days where coffee and word documents rule our everyday lives, we should always see our breaks from school as a learning experience even if we spent most days pretending that responsibility was a nonexistent element in our lives. While at school, you may never have found the time to analyze the dance moves to house music. Is anyone up for Seaside Heights this upcoming summer? We may have much, much more “learning” to do.