Alpha Chi Omega: Sculpting friendships and character

The phrase “Girls just want to have fun,” makes most people think of a bunch of girls, out shopping, getting their nails and hair done, and gossiping about boys. “Typical” girls-right? Yes that may be one side to the female persona, but the girls of Alpha Chi Omega are girls that have fun with everything they do, including a great cause to fight for and fundraisers to run. These may not seem like your average “fun” activities, but these girls do it, love it, and smile every step of the way, showing the unity created by their name.
This sorority graced Quinnipiac’s campus in 1997, bringing with it the willing drive to better the community. The sorority’s philanthropic duties entail fighting strongly for domestic violence.
October is Domestic Violence Month, which means there will be numerous fundraisers and services. The girls hold a prayer vigil in the quad to educate the uneducated about domestic violence. This has been a huge success three years in a row. There is also a Frisbee Fling where groups of people pay ten dollars a person and sign up in teams to play Frisbee. Prizes are won from local businesses in the community. All profits go to the Domestic Violence Shelter in New Haven. These are just a few of the many events that sponsor Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy: Domestic Violence.
Kristin Wendell is a senior who has been a part of Alpha Chi Omega beginning in her freshman year, second semester. She is currently the publication’s chair and has many positive things to say about Alpha Chi.
“Joining a sorority has changed my life drastically,” Wendell said. “I have acquired so many great friendships! These girls will be with me for the rest of my life regardless of whether or not we are the `greatest’ of friends,” she continued.
The sisters of Alpha Chi Omega are not exclusive of other girls and guys on campus. There are regular social events with the other sororities. These consist of a luau with Phi Sigma Sigma, which includes a barbeque that all the girls can attend to intermingle with one another. They also have regular social gatherings with Delta Sigma Phi.
“We are ALWAYS social,” Wendell said. “Even at our weekly chapter meetings. We are always eager to know what is going on in the lives of the other sisters.”
The girls of Alpha Chi Omega are constantly looking to involve everyone in their organizational events, both for experience and just for fun.
Alpha Chi Omega gives girls the chance to become close with people that they may not already know.
Wendell said, “It is a great way to make new friends. If you are coming in as a freshman, you will feel right at home after a very short time. It also allows you the chance to do something good for the community; as well as, take part in social events and campus life.”
Being a part of Greek life allows people to gain many useful life skills.
“I feel that since I have been a part of Alpha Chi Omega, I have become much more comfortable with myself and my opinions,” Wendell said.
She continued, “I have also found that I have acquired leadership qualities and responsibility. I do not feel that I would have shaped so well- rounded as a person if I was not a part of Alpha Chi Omega.”
Due to the recent tragedies in New York, Alpha Chi Omega has leaped into action and is surpassing their appointed philanthropic duties. They are holding a bake sale in Tator Hall, raising money for the New York Fire Department. The proceeds from this drive will be matched by the sorority themselves and then given to the unfortunate.
Alpha Chi Omega, like other Greek organizations, is a wonderful outlet into community and charity events. Wendell said, “Alpha Chi Omega is such a great group of girls. It will help anyone to meet new people and join in at social events. It will extremely shape your character, taking bits and pieces of other sisters and putting them into you. It is a give and take – a bond that is unbreakable.”