SGA: Challenging the future

Marisa Koraus

There are two components of a college campus-academics and students. Although academics are essential, it is the students that provide the events, memories, and actions of the institution.
The students are the citizens of the university, which becomes their “home away from home.” They are, in essence, a community, and it is the responsibility of the Student Government Association (SGA) to make sure that the community is satisfied.
For at least 30 years, SGA has been influencing, representing, and aiming to improve the conditions for the entire student body of Quinnipiac University.
SGA is made up of four branches: the finance committee, the Social Programming Board (SPB), the student awareness committee, and public relations.
The finance committee is responsible for handling all of the budgets and funding for the chartered organizations on campus.
The SPB deals with student entertainment and recreational activities that take place. Such events include concerts, comedians, hypnotists and field trips.
The student awareness committee is mostly associated with students’ concerns and ideas. They are interested in making the Quinnipiac administration aware of the needs, goals, and problems that the student body is concerned with.
Public relations handle the bulk of community service that the university is involved in. This includes events from May Weekend and the semi-formal. Furthermore, the committee promotes SGA meetings and encourages students to get involved with what is going on around campus.
“My goal is to make students aware that we are here for them. So many people don’t know what is going on on-campus and there is always something going on,” said Mike O’Neill, the public relations chairperson.
In regard to the organization as a whole, SGA’s president, Tom Fortunato, said, “We are responsible for so much of what happens on campus. We were responsible for getting emergency phones put in the parking lots; as well as, achieving public disclosure. Also, we were successful in getting the Rathskellar to lower their prices by 75 cents for many bottled beverages.”
The future is filled with a long list of “things-to-do” for SGA. One goal of the organization is to improve itself internally. Better communication among the members is something that is necessary. Improving communication and relationships with the administration is also important.
SGA also hopes to make the student body more aware of what is happening within both the campus community and the surrounding community. It is important to improve Quinnipiac’s relationship with Hamden and New Haven.
“We want to help strengthen the ties between the town, the students, and the student government. We all need to work together. We can and we have made changes,” said O’Neill.
Other future goals that the SGA is working on attaining include trying to get a few more rows of parking and finding the most beneficial way to meet all of the students’ needs.
“Students have a voice on campus. It’s through us. Use us as the resource to get things accomplished,” said Fortunato sincerely.
SGA meets on Wednesdays at 4:15 p.m. in room SC 207. For more information on the organization, contact extension 8475 or stop by SC 212.