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    New Year’s Dissolution

    Each year in January, as the calendars turn over a new year and computers reset their dates, countless numbers of people vow to make resolutions that will benefit their lives in one way or another. According to statistics, about half of those resolutions are broken before the end of January. Everyone knows the typical “I want to lose weight; I want to get in shape,” but there are also other resolutions that people love to break. According to New Year’s resolution site, a survey consisting of 300,000 responses worldwide said seven of the most popular resolutions are as follows:

    1. Lose weight and get in better physical shape

    This one is no surprise – millions of people each year vow to start exercising. It’s true that the number of gym memberships increases during the month of January, and those first weeks of the new year seem to be a mad dash to find an open treadmill.

    2. Stick to a budget

    Though the economy has seen a slight improvement, many families still strive to save money in any way they can. Making a resolution to be less frivolous isn’t much fun, but it is very rewarding in the long run.

    3. Enjoy more time with family and friends

    This resolution is becoming more and more popular as society is becoming busier. Everything is on-the-go and in a rush. These types of resolutions can include making a family dinner or catching up with a friend for a meal once a month.

    4. Find a significant other

    The holidays are a constant reminder for some singles that there is that special someone missing from their life. The new year is a great time to start making the time and valiant effort to really find a romantic, compatible partner.

    5. Quit smoking

    Although we know all the dangers and warnings, a lot of us can’t shake the nicotine addiction. This resolution has been on the most popular list for many years. Smoking is a habit that is extremely hard to break, so a lot of smokers find themselves making this same resolution year in and year out.

    6. Take up a new hobby

    Finding new hobbies can help break up the mundane. Some people vow to take up something they have never tried before, like rock climbing. Others resolve to learn a new language. Making a resolution to learn new things can allow for new friendships and a broader list of interests and capabilities.

    7. Get organized

    Throughout the year, some of us let our desks pile up and become cluttered, and our rooms become messy with clothes and other items everywhere. January is a great time to finally clean out the drawers, organize the shelf and file all the papers. Being more organized leads to a happier and less-stressed you!

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    • S

      Scott MarcusFeb 7, 2011 at 6:48 pm

      I’ve been doing some research on New Year’s resolutions for a holiday I’ve created “This Time I Mean It Day,” which is set for Feb 15. It’s a day to celebrate what you’ve accomplished, make new goals, and remind yourself of what you started on January 1.

      In the process, I found your article – which I liked – so I thought I’d share my holiday with you in the event you wanted to do a follow up to your article.

      You can find out about the holiday at or read the press release at

      Thank you for your article – and for letting me share what I’ve created in the spirit of fun.

      Scott “Q” Marcus
      Founder, ThisTimeIMeanItDay