The true American triumph: Rebounding from unspeakable horror

Joe Reynolds

How do we adjust to the new, surreal world that we inhabit? The true meaning of this American tragedy has not yet resonated, and will not fully resonate for some time. We begin to comprehend our loss as we observe the emphatic and unique scenes of our new environment: the American flags being flown at half-staff, the advertisements for blood and food drives, the announcement of prayer vigils. We find ourselves walking faster, our hearts in our mouth, the breath drained from our very souls, as scenarios too sensational for Hollywood become part of our all too real reality.
We have been shocked by an unforeseen truth, the terror of which appalls and angers us. The aura of invincibility no longer permeates our society, and has been forever lost. The personal safety that we have so blissfully enjoyed has been rocked, stolen from us by the hand of pure evil. But America displays its strength through its dealings with tragedy, a fact that has already become plainly evident. We stand proud and strong as the only nation with the innate resiliency, and brotherhood to rise above this ultimate challenge.
We will show in the coming months that, if not by our wealth, military strength, or political position, we are, by the power of the human spirit, impenetrable.
Many difficult questions, concerning such things as airport security, FBI awareness, and American intelligence, will be posed in the coming weeks. But the time for debate is not now. Let us also, whether we be Democrat or Republican, stand behind our President. Let us advise and be innovative, but when the final decision is made, let us give our unyielding support. He is just a man. He feels the same heartache we do, and he shares our resolve to return to the sanctity of our endowed and beautiful lifestyle.
Let our fear and our rage not overcome our sense of goodness. It is natural and wholly necessary to seek and attain full justice, but we must not allow ourselves to be infiltrated with the same sense of hatred that characterizes the cowardly terrorists who have perpetrated this attack. Vengeance will be had, we need not sacrifice our sense of calm to achieve it.
Throughout our mourning, notice the true America. Notice people holding hands. Notice volunteers working to sustain life. Notice the tears of mutual, universal compassion. Notice the homes flying the flag. Our flag. The flag of freedom. The flag of justice. The flag of perseverance. May God’s grace be forever shining on the altar of freedom.