Exercise regularly for mind and body

Many of us have very busy lives. With classes, part-time jobs, internships, homework and extracurricular work, it is easy to become overwhelmed.
Choosing healthier habits on a daily basis can help ease your busy days and make you feel better about yourself.
Most importantly, exercising on a regular basis will not only improve your physical health and body, but also your mind.
“Exercise is a great way to release tension,” said Shanna Saharek, a QU senior.
Whether you play sports, go to the gym, or enjoy outdoor activities, you can begin to feel better about yourself and gain energy needed to handle your busy schedule. It may become difficult to maintain a steady workout routine, but the only way to really stick to your goals is to make them a priority. Setting aside specific time to get your exercise should be a top priority. This can be made easier by accommodating the routine to your life. If you don’t want to lose time away from your social scene, ask a friend to join you for a jog. Make your time on the treadmill fly by with good conversation.
It’s also important to keep your workout fun. Instead of always riding the bike for an hour, go for a walk outside or play basketball.
“You need to have a wide variety of activity to keep motivated,” said senior Jeff Wein.
Quinnipiac’s campus has several opportunities to take advantage of, including a fitness center, which contains a full line of free weights, strength and cardiovascular equipment. It is open to all members of the Quinnipiac community.
The dance studios are utilized for physical education classes including yoga, aerobics, and kickboxing. Many of the rooms can be (and have been in the past) used for personal exercise videos, fencing, gymnastics, martial arts, and wrestling during free time.
Another benefit to exercising is meeting new people. The intramural program on campus provides a great recreational atmosphere with activities such as basketball, bowling, field hockey, soccer, tennis and much more.
Exercise is important for your health and can be a lot of fun. Making exercise a habit will start you on the track to feeling good about yourself.