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    student center: male. blonde. god you’re hot.

    Cupid has a new place to crash, and it’s called The newest social networking site is an anonymous way for college students to reach out to their crushes. It’s already drawn in more than 600 Bobcats to the submission-based flirting fray.

    “When you get past the ‘I’m hungover, are you DTF?’ posts, you might actually find something good. But then again, fairytale romances don’t always happen. Worse comes to worst, you can always get a good laugh,” said Cassandra Paiva, a freshman who enjoys reading posts on

    Likealittle is a website intended for users to anonymously ‘flirt’ with somebody, stating the time and place the user saw their desired person, as well as the person’s sex and hair color. Users then leave a short message to the recipient, saying what they are unable to say in person.

    Likealittle has been consistently expanding at Quinnipiac for weeks, and is continuously gaining more popularity. likealittle has pages for many colleges, yet some are more popular than others. The Quinnipiac page has been rapidly growing, currently having 627 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

    Initial posts show no indication of the submitter, and all comments are credited to a fruit named anything from ‘apple’ to ‘gooseberry.’ The site may or may not recognize you if you re-comment on the same submission, even if you’re the author, unless you have an account.

    The site was initially used for serious purposes, with students posting seemingly sincere, albeit anonymous, messages to fellow students whom they wanted to date, get to know better, or simply learn the name of. Recently, likealittle has become much less serious, and much more vulgar, as an increased number of students are mocking the site and posts by “desperate” users.

    The mocking posts are very immature, however, one of the tactful posts reads: “At Anywhere: Male, Brunette. General Advertisement: guys, no girl wants to start a relationship on like a little. If you are interested in someone say hello. If you can’t manage that, a head nod or wave can suffice. Anonymity (and stalking) is creepy. Confidence is sexy.”

    While I wholeheartedly agree with the post, not every person has the confidence to approach that special someone. Confidence is important, yet sometimes both males and females have difficulty building it. Sometimes, you just need to let a secret out, and the only way to ensure it will stay a secret is anonymous posting.

    Many users also like their friends a little and create humorous posts about them. Generally these are done when the friend is near the poster. can be used for either good or evil at this point. With the growing popularity there is an ever increasing amount of posts per day. Users should be responsible posters, as what may be funny to one individual, may be hurtful to another. was developed with good, lighthearted intentions. However, the execution of the site is not working out properly for everybody. Not many people want to start a relationship online with an anonymous user, and who can blame them? Perhaps one day these shy people will be able to approach a potential mate, but until then, you can still like them a little. Just watch out for any false hope directed toward you by those who defer from the fun intended by the site.

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