Phi Sigma Sigma Speaks

Marisa Koraus

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make many lifelong friends, that all share a common bond of wanting to help people? If the answer to this question is “yes” then Phi Sigma Sigma is the sorority for you. This sorority, like other Greek associations at Quinnipiac, facilitates and fosters many of the everlasting friendships and relationships that exist on campus.
The sorority provides many events and activities throughout the year that enable girls to spend quality time together. For instance, during the first semester, a semi-formal dance is held, as well as a Greek weekend during which all of Quinnipiac’s fraternities and sororities congregate and attend barbecues, relay races, and a campus wide game of “capture the flag.” In the springtime, the annual Sapphire Ball is held. This is a formal dance that the Greek girls look forward to attending.
Melanie Dwornik, a sophmore and member of the sorority, said, “I joined Phi Sigma Sigma because I thought it could be fun and a great way to meet new people. Just from belonging to the sorority, I have met many girls both at Quinnipiac and from all over the country.” Dwornik continued, “I also enjoy the leadership skills that I have obtained from being an active member of Phi Sigma Sigma.”
Leadership is essential when becoming a part of Greek life. For example, it takes leadership in order to strive ahead and raise money in support of the National Kidney Foundation.
This foundation is the focus of many philanthropic duties that Phi Sigma Sigma takes on. The sorority makes many efforts to aid this foundation in its’ efforts to progress in the area of kidney research and studies. One way in which Phi Sigma Sigma supports the foundation is by hosting the annual Rockathon. The Rockathon is, in essence, a dance party, in which people participate either by donating money at the door before entering and dancing, or simply by sponsoring a sorority member throughout the event. In the past, Phi Sigma Sigma has achieved great success in raising money through the Rockathon. The sorority has been recognized for its’ wonderful efforts and willingness to help.
Phi Sigma Sigma also helps in bringing joy and vigor to the lives of those who are less fortunate. The sorority spends time making greeting cards and visiting adult group homes. The girls bring smiles and cheer to places where worry and sadness often exist.
Along with meeting new people, and participating in philanthropic tasks, the members of Phi Sigma Sigma are often presented with beneficial opportunities that may help them in their future endeavors.
“Phi Sigma Sigma has helped a lot of girls get ahead of the game. It is a sorority that many girls take part in and experience. It is not odd to encounter a person who shares the bond of once being in a sorority. Once my college career is over, sharing this common bond with so many other people may aid me in obtaining benefits such as internships and jobs,” Dwornik said.
Phi Sigma Sigma, like many other Greek organizations, is a positive association to consider. It enables one to meet new friends, to support worthy causes, and to possibly attain prospective advantages. Not only is Phi Sigma Sigma a social organization, but it is a key to future success.