Small fire breaks out in the gym; no injuries

Karen Grennan

A small fire broke out opposite the recreation center in the Burt Kahn Gym on Wednesday, August 29 at 10:30 p.m. The fire started due to a commercial dryer that malfunctioned.
The fire was contained to the dryer and the air shaft that lead to the roof, which resulted in no injuries or damages. The fire was suppressed with four fire estinguishers by two officers and the assistant chief of security. Once the fire department checked for hotspots, everyone was allowed back into the building.
The fire was seen on the roof by an Irma Residence Hall Advisor who then went to security. John Twining, Chief of Security, said “The RA was off duty, but did a really good job by getting other RA’s to do crowd control.”
Jen Palmer, a junior physical therapy major, witnessed the fire. “I was just walking back from picking up a visitor when I saw all these people standing outside the gym,” said Palmer. “I saw smoke coming from the roof and of course thought the worst. Luckily the fire was small and put out right away, and that no one got hurt.”