Lewiston-Auburn provides safe shelter to Somalian refugees

Amber Caron - Staff Writer

The state of Maine has become a home to many Somalian refugees in the last few months.
According to the Sun Journal, an estimated 64 families have moved into the Lewiston-Auburn area in the last three months. This reason alone is enough to encourage other families to move into the community.
Of these families, nearly 100 children have been enrolled in Maine schools for the fall, according to Lewiston’s General Assistance Office. Many of the children do not speak English and have never attended school in America.
Montello Elementary School in Lewiston, received 46 of these children. The teachers are trying their best to make the learning experience as painless as possible for these non-English speaking children.
Bonnie Soper, who is in charge of English as a Second Language at Montello, told the Sun Journal that, “we don’t want [them] to panic.”
Whether or not these any of the families plan on making Maine their permanent home is unknown. For the time being, however, the state is serving as a safe haven for the Somolian children an