Ani DiFranco revels with alternative-soul on double album

Exciting, riveting, and soulfully eccentric, Ani DiFranco’s new release Revelling/Reckoning is a return to her folk roots.
As her 12th studio album in eleven years, this double disc, 28 track record is a mix of soulful and emotional longing, unbiased observation and feelings of political discontent. Inviting guest musicians on several of the tracks, she is joined by saxophonist Maceo Parker, who also joined her on her previous album “To The Teeth”.
Starting disc one, “Revelling with a funk folk feel”, Parker accompanies her singing on “Ain’t That The Way” and is seen again on the last track adding his sax line in “What How When Where (Why Who)”. Slide guitarist Lloyd Maines is also heard, adding his country groove standard on “Sick Of Me”.
DiFranco had taken an experimental route in sounds for her past three releases, however returns to the quiet acoustic folk sound once again, and stays solo on more than half the tracks.
Bluesy and showing hints of chill jazz-grooves, “Whatall Is Nice” and Revelling show a cross between what she began with eleven years ago and what she has learned up until now, delivering a sound which is soul driven jazz/folk at its best.
Probably DiFranco’s best work yet, Revelling/Reckoning is a recommended buy to anyone who knows anything about music and harbors appreciation for folk, jazz, political discouragements and rants, and lyrical wit and honesty.