Pre-May Weekend activities set the mood

On Friday April 20, Quinnipiac students were treated to a variety of activities in the Complex Courtyard. Included in the afternoon’s festivities were a “Dunk the RA” tank, free ice cream courtesy of Kelly’s Kone Konnection, and a performance by comedian Marty Putz. Sophomore Brad Weiner was in attendance and enjoyed the day’s activities.

“I had just finished getting destroyed in softball and needed a break,” said Weiner. “All the stuff at the Complex was a nice way to get my mind off the loss.”

Not everyone was pleased. Freshman Chris Pacali was disappointed that he missed out on a chance to send his RA, Colin Macdonald, into a vat of cold water.

“My basketball game ran late,” said Pacali. “By the time I got there, I missed my chance to dunk Colin. Man, I would’ve even paid money for that chance.”

The performance by Marty Putz, which included fun with marshmallows and crass jokes tailor made for a college audience, was something that the crowd of over 100 enjoyed. Sophomore Jason Bisogni called it, “the funniest hour of his life.”

“He was hysterical,” said Bisogni. “I had to run back to Dana to avoid urinating in my pants!”

With May Weekend right around the corner, the day’s festivities were a perfect precursor.