Anime club making strides

Catherine Boudreau

In her second year as president of the Anime Club, Jennifer Andreozzi is making strides.

“This is the first year we are really putting on events,” said Andreozzi, a junior history major who has loved anime since she joined a club at her local library in high school.

Anime is a style of animation that originated in Japan and is utilized by media like television shows, movies and video games. Manga is the paper form of anime, comparable to a comic book. Like newspaper stands in New York City, there are manga stands on every corner in Japan.

“I love how anime takes a format that used to be considered just for kids to tell stories that even older audiences can appreciate,” club member Katherine Diaz said.

The club is currently involved with Operation Anime, a program designed to help college groups expand their base.

“At the Involvement Fair, many people weren’t familiar with what anime was, and I wished we could have given out samples,” Andreozzi said. “That’s when I started looking around on the Internet and found out about that program.”

Once a month, Operation Anime supplies the Anime Club with a new title, free of charge, that has yet to be released in the United States. In October, the television series “Full Metal Jacket,” was featured in Echlin Center. The movie “X” will be shown on Nov. 13.

Aside from their promotion of new releases, the Anime Club held a video game day with a “fighter” theme, featuring “Street Fighter” and “Super Smash Bros.” They are also planning to hold another video game day with a first-person shooters theme, where people can come and compete in “Medal of Honor,” “GoldenEye 007” or “Gears of War.”

In October, members of the club took a trip to the New York Anime Festival, where big names like Stan Lee and Bruce Campbell of “Burn Notice” spoke. The club hopes to offer a similar opportunity to all its members.

In the hopes they receive a budget in April after receiving a charter this month, they plan to go to “Another Anime Convention” in New Hampshire next year. Currently, the club is kicking around ideas for their own anime film as well.

“Anime Club is a ton of fun. It’s great to meet other people who share similar interests and just get together,” Diaz said. “It’s also a great chance to watch and learn about new series I’ve yet to see.”