The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Random Acts of Kindness come to QU community

Bethany Dionne

April 24, 2003

Next week, April 28 through May 2, don't be surprised if someone does something extra nice that you were not expecting. SPB is sponsoring Random Acts of Kindness Week, along with the help of Athletics, Facilities, Campus Copy,...

Career services prepares students for ‘real world’

Marisa Koraus

April 16, 2003

As graduating seniors, entering freshmen and underclassmen can tell you college life is not always easy. Sure, we are here to get an education and to make friends, but we also have to ask ourselves questions such as, "What major...

The Chronicle named Organization of the Year


April 16, 2003

The Student Center has given The Chronicle the Judith Jones Outstanding Student Organization Award for the 2002-03 school year. "I am really excited about this award," said Viktoria Sundqvist, editor in chief for 2002-03. "The...

Chartwells community supports troops in Iraq

Marisa Koraus

April 16, 2003

The war in Iraq has affected everyone in some way; whether it be from headlines on newspapers, special broadcasts on TV, or by saying goodbye to a friend or loved one that is on his or her way to the war field. As a result of...