The Quinnipiac Chronicle

‘What the hell?’ How two shady-looking kids made it backstage at The Fray concert

Mike Farrell

April 20, 2010

(Andrew Greene contributed to this article) It turns out you didn’t need to buy a ticket to get into Sunday night’s concert with The Fray at the TD Bank Sports Center. Hell, you could have even had backstage passes the...

Idiot Pilot change it up with a few new additions

Mike Farrell

April 9, 2008

When they released their debut album, "Strange We Should Meet Here," in 2005, Idiot Pilot turned heads with their unique amalgamation of screamo and electronic rock, as well as the fact that the entire band only consisted of two...

Relient K feeling effects

Mike Farrell

April 2, 2008

In an era when many musicians feel obligated to dip into politics and try to change the world, some bands refuse to jump on such a high horse and instead remember what it is that they do best. Relient K is one such band. With...

‘One’s taste in music

Mike Farrell

February 27, 2008

I have never read a more offensive editorial than Matt DeMello's piece in the previous issue of the Chronicle entitled "A&E Review 'Illegitimate'." In the article, DeMello criticizes Leigh Maneri's review of a Michael Buble album...

Movie Review: Cloverfield

Mike Farrell

January 30, 2008

With one of the most frustratingly cryptic viral marketing campaigns in history, the media world has been abuzz with speculation about J.J. Abrams' movie "Cloverfield." Told entirely from the perspective of a handheld camera,...

It’s still a ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ for Third Eye Blind

Mike Farrell

November 14, 2007

The year is 1997. Third Eye Blind releases their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album and it officially becomes impossible to turn on the radio without hearing the telltale "doo-doo-doo" introduction to the album's leadoff...

Behind the scenes at this year’s fall concern

Mike Farrell

October 31, 2007

8 a.m.- The hospitality crew arrives at the Rec Center the day of the annual Quinnipiac fall concert, featuring Cartel and The Starting Line. Cartel's tour bus pulls into North Lot shortly after, though most of the band is still...

Britain’s Arctic Monkeys pleases R.I. audience

Mike Farrell

September 26, 2007

Britain's Arctic Monkeys are not your average rock band. In 2006, with only five years of musical background, the Sheffield foursome released their critically acclaimed debut album, "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not."...