The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Law professors debate war with Iraq

Dara Friedland

April 10, 2003

Students, faculty and guests gathered in the Grand Courtroom at the Quinnipiac University Law School to witness two professors debate about the war in Iraq. Professor Stephen Gilles argued his reasoning why going to war was a...

War touches QU

Dara Friedland

April 3, 2003

War is a topic that is consuming the minds of people the world over. The war has created turmoil and anxiety with the people in the United States and fear and anticipation with those fighting the war overseas. Most people remember...

Morning after pill offered to students

Dara Friedland

November 7, 2002

Every day young adults make the mistake of having unprotected sex, leading to unwanted pregnancy at the very least. In 1974, Canadian Professor A. Albert Yuzpe published the first studies of a safe method in preventing pregnancy...