The Quinnipiac Chronicle

CD Review: Manchester Orchestra

Carrie Ingraham

April 28, 2009

Up and coming Manchester Orchestra has made significant strides since its 2006 debut, "I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child." The April 21 release of "Mean Everything to Nothing" is a denser exploration of the path the band paved...

CD Review: Flo Rida, R.O.O.T.S

Carrie Ingraham

April 21, 2009

Unfortunately for Flo Rida, the most impressive thing about his new album, "R.O.O.T.S," is its collection of featured rappers who are more successful than he is. From Ne-Yo to Nelly Furtado, the disc contains a plethora of pop...

CD Review: Peter Bjorn and John, Living Thing

Carrie Ingraham

April 14, 2009

Peter Bjorn and John have jumped on the electro-pop bandwagon with their fifth studio release, "Living Thing." The Swedish trio is best known for their addictive 2006 single, "Young Folks," but this new album proves them capable...

CD Review: Harlem Shakes, Technicolor Health

Carrie Ingraham

April 7, 2009

If you haven't yet discovered the unbearable catchiness that is the Harlem Shakes, their debut album, "Technicolor Health," will undoubtedly win you over. Be it the sunny clanging of Todd Goldstein's guitar, lead singer Lexy Benaim's...

CD Review: The Decemberists, The hazards of love

Carrie Ingraham

March 31, 2009

Once again, prose-conscious folk-rockers The Decemberists sing stories of death and destruction in the sweetest way possible. The band's new album, "The Hazards of Love," is a follow-up to 2006's "The Crane Wife," and is an evolution...

CD Review: U2, No Line on the Horizon

Carrie Ingraham

March 24, 2009

It is safe to say that U2 is one of the greatest rock bands of our time, and their new album, "No Line on the Horizon," is more of an awe-inspired appreciation of this stance than any reinvention of their traditional sound. The...

CD Review: K’Naan, Troubadour

Carrie Ingraham

March 4, 2009

The Somalia-born rapper, K'Naan, is doing things no one has done before - and this goes far beyond combining genres to create his own. The fire ignited by "Troubadour" is no doubt sparked by the artist's past, which includes fleeing...

Battle of the Bands rocks Quinnipiac

Carrie Ingraham

February 25, 2009

Tara McMahonLocal bands came to Quinnipiac on Saturday to compete in this year's Battle of the Bands, hosted by WQAQ. The event featured performances by AC147, The Ultimate Sketch, and Great Caesar and the GoGetters, who won fir...

CD Review: Lily Allen, It’s Not Me, It’s You

Carrie Ingraham

February 18, 2009

It's official: only Lily Allen can yell profanities and still be the cutest indie-pop princess of our time. The British singer is at it again with her new album, "It's Not Me, It's You." Only this time, Allen takes on a more mature...

CD Review: Dierks Bentley, Feel that Fire

Carrie Ingraham

February 11, 2009

Phoenix-born Dierks Bentley released his fourth studio album on Feb. 3, "Feel That Fire." The album is a blend of traditional bluegrass roots and modern country vocals, and is certainly not confined to its genre. Even the most...

CD Review: Franz Ferdinand, Tonight

Carrie Ingraham

February 4, 2009

On Franz Ferdinand's new album release, "Tonight," the Glasgow-born rockers give a nod to what got them started. With their exploration into the world of keyboards and synthesizers, Franz has likened to the sounds of new-age "dirty-pop"...

Animal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavilion

Carrie Ingraham

January 28, 2009

Indie-rockers Animal Collective released "Merriweather Post Pavilion" on Jan. 20. "Merriweather" is their eighth studio album following 2005's "Feels." "Merriweather" carries on the band's tradition of psychedelic eccentricity,...