The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Kickline highstepping it into QU history

Caitlin Zavorskas

April 12, 2006

If you've ever been to Midnight Madness, you have probably been entertained by the Quinnipiac Kickline. Their high kicks and fast-paced dance moves will get any crowd on their feet, and their talent is certainly taking the team...

New QU honors program

Caitlin Zavorskas

March 8, 2006

There is a new change taking place at Quinnipiac. No, it's not the addition of peanut butter and fluff sandwiches in the Caf

AIM messages not just a Quinnipiac trend

Caitlin Zavorskas

February 22, 2006

Between posting pictures on Facebook and filling out "The Survey" on Myspace, one would think that students had enough outlets to express themselves in the online world. There is a new trend, however, taking over AIM profiles...

Hancock sheds colorful light

Caitlin Zavorskas

February 15, 2006

It was just over a month ago when Rick Hancock, the new Assistant Dean in the School of Communications, began working at Quinnipiac. With just one look at his collection of photos on his wall, it is hard not to wonder what awe-inspiring...

Students show support with ‘Dolls for Darfur’

Caitlin Zavorskas

December 7, 2005

You wake up in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke outside. Looking around, you see your village up in flames, and hundreds of people fleeing for safety. Sadly, it is not a nightmare: This is life in Darfur, Sudan. Every...