The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Two alumni create housing alternatives

Bridgette Fossel

October 10, 2012

With the housing deadline earlier this year than years past, the junior class might be struggling to make the decision of living on or off campus. That’s where comes into play.  Christian Contreras and Gregory ...

Set sail on the InternShip before graduation

Bridgette Fossel

September 6, 2012

As one becomes an upperclassmen, ice cream scooping, life guarding or being a camp counselor at the overnight camp in upstate New York that they’ve been attending since they were potty-trained starts to look less appealing on...

York Hill welcomes new shuttles

Bridgette Fossel

March 27, 2012

What is white, shiny, has arm rests, air conditioning and can be seen cruising between Mount Carmel and York Hill? That would be the new shuttles transporting students from campus to campus. There are a total of six new...

Students for Education Reform

Bridgette Fossel

February 8, 2012

Inspired by “Waiting for Superman,” a 2010 documentary film which shows the failures of the American public education system, Quinnipiac junior Jordan Nadler has made it his mission to ensure all children have the opportunity...

24KT KidLivin’ provides ‘tunage’

Bridgette Fossel

October 12, 2010

Twenty-four karat gold is the highest quality of gold there is. The guys of the up-and-coming Facebook page “24KT KidLivin” believe that sharing the highest quality of new music with their fans is essential to their page’s...

97 and still swiping [Video]

Bridgette Fossel

October 6, 2010

The Chartwells staff consists of a diverse group of people that work hard to satisfy the students and staff of Quinnipiac. There is something unique about Alice Barbieri that few may seem to recognize. She is 97 years old and...

Robyn’s techno hits addicting

Bridgette Fossel

September 22, 2010

Dance to the beat of Robyn! Earlier this month, Swedish pop singer and songwriter Robyn released “Body Talk Pt 2,” which contains a variety of beats and lyrics that are difficult to forget and easy to dance to. “Body...