Hamden police escort four men off Quinnipiac’s main campus

Cat Murphy, News Editor

Hamden police escorted four men off the Quinnipiac University Mount Carmel Campus at approximately 6:30 p.m. Wednesday for trespassing.

Five Public Safety officers responded to an incident outside the Troup and Larson residence halls sometime around 5 p.m.

One Hamden Police Department vehicle responded to the scene just after 6 p.m. 

The responding officer seized possession of two bottles of liquor Public Safety officers had discovered while searching the men’s bags, dumping their contents in a planter box before throwing the bottles in the nearby dumpster.

One of the men repeatedly tried to prevent another from explaining to Public Safety officers why the men were on campus.

“OK, keep your mouth shut,” he said to the other man. “You’re digging a hole deeper for yourself.”

The Hamden police officer at one point scolded the men for initially refusing to cooperate with campus security officers.

One of the men threw a football back and forth with a Public Safety officer in the Larson courtyard, fistbumping or shaking the hand of each officer before the Hamden police officer led the men toward their car.

Chief of Public Safety Tony Reyes confirmed Thursday morning that the men were escorted off campus.

Prior to escorting the men off campus, the Hamden police officer explained that the men would be charged with trespassing if they returned to campus.

Witnesses told the Chronicle that the young men, whose identities remain unknown as of publication, appeared to be interviewing passing students for a social media show. 

Several students who reported being interviewed said the men inquired about Quinnipiac’s party scene, asking whether it was “underrated or overrated.”