Distraction-free workspace available for students doing remote or hybrid internships

Jacklyn Pellegrino, Copy Editor

Imagine trying to work remotely in a dorm room with multiple roommates, the TV blasting and endless distractions. This is a reality for many college students.

To help eliminate these distractions, Quinnipiac University administrators dedicated a space in Room 212 of the Center for Communications and Engineering to business and communications students with remote or hybrid internships.

Students can sign up using an online application for whatever days and times that they need a space to work. The space will give students an opportunity to work in a professional environment alongside other students and it is equipped with desks, chairs, whiteboards and office supplies.

The room opened to students last semester. In the fall, eight students applied to use the space and this semester five students are signed up.

Lila Carney, director of career development for the School of Communications, said one of the biggest challenges she heard from students when doing an internship was time management. She said that students mentioned to her that if they had a space to go it would be a little bit easier.

“This gives students a place to go where they can do the work, sit down at a desk, stay focused, it’s quiet, it’s a professional environment,” Carney said.

Carney said she hopes the space opens students up to networking opportunities and gives them a chance to work alongside people in different fields than them. She said there are some policies in place such as muting yourself on Zoom, using headphones and cleaning up after yourself.

“If you think about WeWork, any other kind of co-working space, you’re working amongst people that are doing all sorts of different things, you have to deal with the noise factor, you have to deal with being considerate of your neighbors,” Carney said.

remote internship
Illustration by Shavonne Chin

Carney said the application process is now closed but she will still consider a student who needs a space to work.

Cameron Davignon, a graduate business administration student, works at Monte Financial Group in Guilford and will be using the remote internship space this semester. He said due to his class schedule, working remotely two days per week will be easier than going back to the office.

“The space is helpful. I don’t have to use a study room that someone else would most likely want to use for actual studying and academic purposes,” Davignon said.

Davignon said that he hopes more students can benefit from the remote space.

“This allows us to have a space on campus, not having to go back to our workplace or be anywhere far and maybe meet some new people, see what’s going on and see what type of internships or maybe jobs people are doing,” Davignon said.

Alessia Scaturchio, a senior public relations major, is doing a remote social media internship and will be using the remote internship space this semester because she doesn’t have a space where she can be productive.

“I get distracted easily, so I thought the new workspace would be a great opportunity for me to designate some time out of my week and go there and actually like focus on my internship, get done what I need to get done, but also be in a room with like- minded people who are also doing remote internships as well,” Scaturchio said.

Carney said she hopes students will take advantage of working in other ways that they are likely going to have to work in when they graduate.

“I personally believe remote and hybrid work is here to stay,” Carney said. “We need to be able to be agile and productive at the same time and the best way of doing that is by practicing it.”