‘Ted Lasso’ is coming home


Amanda Riha

Illustration by

Zoe Leone, Associate Arts & Life Editor

Everyone’s favorite — albeit fictional — soccer team, the AFC Richmond Greyhounds, officially has a return date. Valentine’s Day brought around the much-anticipated announcement that Apple TV’s smash hit “Ted Lasso” will premiere its newest, and last, season on March 15.

In a teaser trailer posted to the AFC Richmond Twitter, beloved characters from “Ted Lasso” are featured making their very own versions of the famed “BELIEVE” sign that has become synonymous with the series. As the yellow and blue signs decorate the team locker room, in walks Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) and the man of the hour, Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) himself, to admire the display of unity.

The announcement came after months of delays, with script rewrites, international shoots and increasing production costs pushing the premiere date back by almost a full year. But with a show as successful as “Ted Lasso,” perfection is not just expected, but almost required.

Since the series’ first premiere on Aug. 14, 2020, it’s been gracing headlines and social media alike for its heartfelt storylines and brilliant actors. But award season saw The show’s reputation grow from revered to acclaimed.

The show has been racking up awards since its first season, most notably at the Emmys. Over the past two years, it’s been nominated 40 times and won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Comedy Series back-to-back.

The success isn’t limited to just the entertainment industry; the world of football has taken notice of “Ted Lasso” as well. FIFA 23, the newest version of the popular football video game, included AFC Richmond as one of the playable teams. The Greyhounds have become so popular in the game world that they won over a million matches in one month.

Lasso originated as a character created by Sudeikis while performing in a comedy troupe in Amsterdam with Hunt. Lasso eventually hit the silver screen in 2012, when NBC hired Sudeikis to bring the coach to life in a series of commercials announcing the channel’s airing of the Premier League. The promotions were a huge hit, but never extended past that until Sudeikis began creating and writing what eventually became “Ted Lasso” with Bill Lawrence, the creator of “Scrubs.”

The series follows Lasso, a Kansas-native American football coach who accidentally accepts a job coaching the failing Greyhounds, who belong to the English football league. The aforementioned cast of misfit characters come together to fight relegation among love, loss and lots of memorable one-liners.

Season two delved deeper into the characters’ backstory and saw the show take a darker, more emotional turn as the stakes grew. The show was trending on Twitter for most of 2022 as audiences obsessed over the rag-tag group of characters that for many began to feel like family.

With season three currently slated to be the end of the show, “Ted Lasso” has high expectations facing it as it returns to the Apple TV platform once more. Only time will tell if the farewell season of this esteemed comedy will live up to its standards, but with the show’s promotion in full swing, fans’ excitement is enough to propel the show back into the spotlight.

So grab your Greyhounds jersey and settle down with some biscuits — this game is going to be a big one.