The Prince Of Darkness has left the building



After over 50 years in the music industry, Ozzy Osbourne announced his retirement on Feb. 1.

Michael Singer, Contributing Writer

Black Sabbath’s lead singer, Ozzy Osbourne, has long called the stage his home. Now, after 50 years of rock and roll debauchery, he has decided to step away from the spotlight and call it a career from touring.

It has been well documented that Osbourne battled issues from an accident back in 2019 that injured his spine.  Four years, three operations and multiple touring postponements later, Osbourne wrote his “body is still physically weak,” in a statement on Twitter early in the morning on Feb. 1.

Multiple names in rock and roll are synonymous with living forever. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones is one of the first who comes to mind and  Osbourne is usually mentioned right after. Now, it seems like the once-great rock god is more mortal than once thought.

Now that Osbourne has decided to call it a day from touring, what does that mean going forward for the singer and what does this mean for the rock world? If Osbourne is like any musician, then making new music and releasing new records won’t be an issue for him.

Over the past three years, Osbourne has released two records, 2020’s “Ordinary Man,” and 2022’s “Patient Number 9,” the latter of which has won a Grammy for Best Rock Album. One of the album’s singles, “Degradation Rules,” also won Best Metal Performance.

It doesn’t seem like Osbourne really minds releasing albums without a tour to support each record since he has been doing it for the past three years.

The hardest part for both the fans and Osbourne alike is the lack of touring. For 50 years, touring has been Osbourne’s bread and butter and fans have been eagerly waiting for him to hit the road again.

A musician lives for going city-to-city and playing in front of tours —that’s what every kid dreams of. When a musician can’t tour anymore, their “office” is essentially being taken away.

Osbourne, being himself, would do anything for his fans. Recently, he was promoting his latest record at the Comic-Con Conventions and meeting hundreds of fans. I know every fan had to have asked him “when are you going back out on tour?” At one point in time, I was wondering the same thing.

I would give my left arm to see The Prince Of Darkness (I realized I never mentioned why they call him The Prince Of Darkness… that’s what Google is for, use it!). I know there are legions of fans that would die to see Osbourne in concert and I truly think that it is only a matter of time before we see Osbourne return to the stage in some capacity.

Whether he chooses to make a return to the stage is not up to me, although I would love for it to be my decision, it simply isn’t. It seems that the hard life that Osbourne once lived has finally caught up to him.

What does this mean for the rock world?

It simply means that nothing is forever and even “immortal” icons such as Osbourne have to cross the finish line sometime.

Everyone wants to believe that their favorite singer will be around forever, but even acts like the mighty Van Halen, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin won’t be around forever. It goes to show that it doesn’t matter how many bat heads you bite off, everyone has to call it a day at some time.

In 2023 alone, music fans witnessed the likes of David Crosby and Jeff Beck pass away, two musicians that defined different generations and touched millions of fans. This alone should put it into perspective of how important it is that we buy that ticket to the concert and we see our favorite artists before it’s too late.

I truly think that when you’ve worked as hard as Osbourne has, it really is okay to walk away. With 22 studio records under his belt, 50 years of touring and being the voice of a generation of many metalheads, it’s OK for Osbourne to have that last final bow and jump on board the Crazy Train with a one-way ticket.