Sugar and Spice is everything nice about ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

David Matos, Arts & Life Editor

Season one of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” made its way to our television screens in 2009. Still, it wasn’t until season 15 that a pair of twin brothers competed against each other for the crown, collectively making some of the best television the series has ever seen.

The Emmy award-winning reality competition announced the cast of season 15 on Dec. 13, 2022. Even before the season began, some major firsts were revealed. For one, the cast includes 16 contestants, the largest group to compete for the cash prize of $200,000, the largest winnings ever for the franchise. Personally, the biggest takeaway from the announcement was that this year’s competition will include the drag queen duo known for their TikTok persona — Sugar and Spice.

The duo’s drag aesthetic is heavily influenced by their childhood in the early 2000s, taking much inspiration from the Bratz dolls they played with. They are also best known for their bimbo persona on TikTok. But like most self-named bimbos, they’re a lot smarter than you think.

The twins share a TikTok that boasts over seven million followers. Because of their Y2K-inspired looks, rehearsed dialogue and their relationship as identical twins in the same profession, their TikTok fame came long before they got onto the show.

Honestly, because of how big they were outside of the show, I didn’t think they would ever audition because they didn’t need the exposure, but I am so glad they did.

When the twins walked into the “werkroom” in their Phoebe and Roxxi Bratz doll-inspired looks in the first episode, the rest of the contestants underestimated the duo. Truth be told, you can’t really blame the other competitors because Sugar and Spice are known for doing drag in their bedrooms and posting content online, not performing.

I mean, Jax, one of the contestants competing this season, jokingly said, “So, this week is going to be a double elimination?” when the twins entered the competition. The queens were clearly ready for the twins to leave.

As part of their first challenge, the queens were tasked to participate in the “One Night Only Talent Show.” Sugar and Spice chose to perform original songs that matched their respective personas. Despite the twins having little performance experience, they both put on a great show. They were then perceived as a threat.

One of the most refreshing things the twins brought to the competition other than, well, being twins, was how much fun they seemed to be having.

As the stakes have gotten higher every year as “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has grown in popularity, the queens have gotten more stuck up. But Sugar and Spice didn’t seem like they were there for a crown because they didn’t need it. They already won in life so in reality, they had nothing to lose.

Personally, I would much rather see drag queens have fun in their craft than take it too seriously to the point that it almost becomes a chore.

I mean, Spice literally removed her wig to wear a shower cap during a photoshoot challenge for no other reason than because she wanted to despite some pushback from RuPaul, and I respect that.

Also, one of the most admirable things about the twins being on the show is learning about their story.

In “RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked,” episode four, Sugar revealed that they have been misunderstood their whole lives. When the twins acted like themselves growing up, whether that meant playing with dolls or dressing up in drag, it was never celebrated. Because of this, their bond as twins just grew stronger.

“My whole life I was made to feel embarrassed for the things I like,” Spice said.

This revelation from the twins is relatable for a lot of queer people out there, including myself. Queer people are so often misunderstood and made to feel embarrassed for not fitting into society and it’s admirable to see the twins be vulnerable and share the experiences that so many young queer people face.

In episode four of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” was when the twin’s storyline came to a close when they were inevitably forced to lip-sync against each other to stay in the competition. The twins took it upon themselves to choreograph their lip sync and just have fun one last time together.

Though it was sad to see Sugar leave the competition that week leaving Spice to compete on her own for the first time, I’m intrigued to see how the rest of the season will play out now that their double act on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” was no more.

Whatever happens, like most of the internet, I have already fallen in love with the twins and can’t wait to see their careers blossom post-drag race.