I can’t hear the snoring haters, I’m catching the Zs


Shavonne Chin

Illustration by

Neha Seenarine, Arts & Life Editor

Over the course of time, my body has grown out of certain habits. I no longer get severe eczema and I think I have a good grasp on my stomach issues. However, there is something I still can’t control: snoring.

Snoring is the sound of obstructed breathing. The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research said factors that cause snoring can be poor muscle tone, bulky throat tissue or a long soft palate or uvula. Also, a person is more likely to snore if they are overweight, middle-aged or going through post-menopause. Snoring can also lead to sleep apnea, which is when a person briefly stops breathing during slumber or sleep deprivation.

If you ask my parents what the most annoying thing about me is, they wouldn’t tell you that I’m not experienced in the kitchen or that I can’t park straight. They’ll tell you that I snore loudly when we’reon vacation.

However, I don’t understand why snoring is my worst trait. I’m asleep in my own bed and not harming anyone. Sure, it could be disturbing the peace if your ear was glued to my bedroom door, but there are noise-canceling headphones available.

Snoring happens to the best of us and there’s no reason why anyone should be ashamed.

John Hopkins Medicine reported 45% of adults snore occasionally, while 25% snore regularly.

I hate to say it, but I’m in the latter group even though, I don’t have any of the common characteristics. Apparently, I’ve been snoring since I was young and I have not heard the end of it.

When I wake up from a nap and I hear that I was snoring, I feel horrible about myself. It’s not a nice feeling when you wake up and the first message you’re greeted with is about your snoring. I would prefer a “did you have a nice nap?” instead, but we can’t all get what we want. I understand those around me don’t have bad intentions, but the playful banter is repetitive.

On the other hand, when I’m around someone that’s snoring, it doesn’t bother me. It might be because I empathize with the other person and I know it’s out of their control. I’m also a heavy sleeper, so my ear drums shut with my eyes for bedtime.

The big question is how can someone control their snoring if they’re not awake?

There are remedies to help with snoring such as adjusting your lifestyle like cutting back on alcohol consumption before bed or changing your sleep position. I’ve spent 21 years to figure out that I snooze the least when I’m laying on my back and I won’t be adjusting that anytime soon.

People have the option to purchase nasal strips for snoring, they’re drug free and available over the counter. However, snoring strips will not treat sleep disorders, they may decrease snoring in some cases according to The Sleep Doctor. The strip may fall off when you’re asleep and you’re back to square one.

When it comes to sleeping, know you’re not in the dark if you snore – it’s natural and no one should disturb your slumber even if you’re disturbing theirs.